Thursday, April 10, 2008

Video Clips of Ruans

A while ago I had a post about the different types of Chinese Ruans.

The other day a Ruan player was at our shop so I asked him to play something on the Gao Yin Ruan (High pitched Ruan), Xiao Ruan (Small Ruan) and the most commonly used Zhong Ruan (Mid Ruan).

So here they are:

Suzhou Rosewood Gao Yin Ruan -

Shanghai Rosewood Xiao Ruan -

Beijing Rosewood Zhong Ruan -

Wonderful Instruments aren't they? And they are relatively easy to pick up compared to the Erhu, Guzheng or Pipa. Its a fretted instrument played using a pick, so guitar players should have no problems.

The Xiao Ruans and Gao Yin Ruans are not listed on my online store yet so please email me at or if you are interested in one.

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