Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To market, to market, to buy a fat bow

There's a music fair held in Beijing from this Thursday to Sunday and I'll be there.

The Beijing fair is usually of a smaller scale than the Shanghai fair, but it'll still be interesting nevertheless.

I'll be looking for new gadgets and accessories, mainly for the Erhu and Dizi. One of my customers ask me to pick some fat bows from WXD.

I'll be back with more pictures and videos.

Watch this space.


  1. I'm intrigued too. What exactly is fat on a fat bow?

  2. hmmm..quick come back and reveal the FAT bow.whats that?hmm..

  3. Hey I am back. I can't post using China internet for some reason.

    A fat bow refers to a bow with bamboo of a thicker diameter.

  4. hmmm...but wat difference would it make? to the sound?timbre?or more comfortable playing experience?or wat?hmmm...

  5. The feel would be different. A 'fat' bow is stiffer and usually has more inherent 'power' thus you can play louder. But the handling decreases and is especially incumbent when you want to play modern fast tunes. You also need a bit more control with a 'fat' bow when you are bowing slowly and reaching the end of the bow where your right hand holds the bow.

  6. hmm..shouldn't it be that since you want to play fast tunes you must have excellent control of the bow and it is harder to control than when playing slower songs?hmm...

    *you should know czy.

  7. Well, of course your technique plays a big part in the handling of the bow. The equipment matters as well.

    Yes I should know czy if you would reveal what czy stands for.