Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New stocks! And No Stocks!

New stocks of instruments and accessories just came in yesterday. Below is a run down of some of the items. People in Singapore can just drop by our shop to check them out. People not in Singapore will need to wait till I get my act together to view some of the new items.

1) Fang Fang Soloist strings
Nothing new but been out of stock for quite a while.

2) Belt clip
Dancing while playing the Erhu seems to be the new fab.

3) Song Round Rosin
Very good piece of rosin.

4) Erhu Bow by WXD
We brought in a higher quality model than the one in the link.

5) New High Quality Erhu Cases
The plushy new Erhu cases which I talked about in my previous post are here. I haven't seen them all yet, but I spotted silver and red colors. I think I brought in black or dark blue as well.

6) Wang Gen Xing Erhus
Got a couple in and left with 2 aged rosewood. Email me at tansungwah@eason.com.sg if you are interested.

7) Wan Qi Xing Gaohus
Not a lot of people interested in Gaohus apparently. Too high pitched for your liking eh? But here's a good one if you are looking for one.

8) Shanghai Dunhuang Guzhengs
Among them are new stocks of Aged Rosewood Guzhengs with new designs and stocks of starter grade Guzhengs that costs S$500.

9) Concert Grade Shanghai Liuqins
I've let you down, my Liuqins... I know I've never given you much attention compared to the rest of the Chinese instruments. Your time will come soon.


I have to apologize to those people who are still waiting for Dong Xue Hua's Dizis and Xiaos to come. The flutes were sent to us a couple of weeks ago and the latest from him is that his shipping agent cannot track where the package is at the moment. I hope they get it sorted out soon. Feel free to let me know if you quit waiting and want a refund.


  1. Thank you for your update.
    I will head to your store to check out the case this weekend.

  2. Hi Han,

    Just a reminder that we are closed on Sundays and Public holidays.