Sunday, May 18, 2008

Videos of a Yangqin, Zhongruan, an Erhu

I would like to share 3 videos that I took recently of some music instruments.

1) The first is an instrument called the Yangqin. It is a dulcimer type instrument played using 2 beaters. Click here for a brief introduction of the Yangqin. The Yangqin in the 2 videos below is from Beijing Yuehua model number 402G.

It has such a beautiful tone. But maintaining and tuning it is such a pain. There are 100 over strings altogether. Imagine how tedious it is to restring the instrument. Its like restringing 20 over guitars in one shot.

But my collegue the baldie (you've seen him in some videos) does a fantastic job in restringing the Yangqin. He even soaks the small metal ball bearings in spirits to give it a shine.

2) A while ago one of my customers asked if I have a cheaper Zhongruan than those listed on my website. Well, we have one that costs US$219 and I made a sample video of it. Here it is:

Not listed on the website yet.

3) The last is a Sandalwood Erhu by Lu Lin Sheng. It was on my website for a long time but only recently I took a video of it.

Update on the new Erhu hardcases

Red color is out of stock! But we found one unit of blue.

The cases are listed here.


  1. hi do you still have stocks of the casing?

  2. Yes. Available colors are white, black, silver and 1 blue.


  3. can i reserve the blue? i can come down tomorrow to make payment. thanks!